Bryan Wriston Aviation FAA CRS # R2FR683J
Serving North Texas since 1995 (214) 212-0499

Altimeter, Transponder, and Pitot/Static Certifications



Bryan Wriston Aviation tests pitot / static systems, altimeter systems, and transponder systems to meet the requirements of F.A.R. 91.411 and F.A.R. 91.413.

We provide this service to the general aviation enthusiast and to aircraft maintenance providers in the Dallas, Texas metro area.

We are available to bring our state of the art automated test equipment to your facility and certify your pitot / static, altimeter, and transponder systems. A lot of our customers prefer to have the F.A.R. 91.411 and F.A.R. 91.413 inspections accomplished while the aircraft is down for other maintenance and that is not a problem.

You can also fly into our facility. We are located at Aero Country Airport in McKinney, Texas, (T31) for your GPS.

We are your IFR certification (F.A.R. 91.411 and F.A.R. 91.413) and VFR certification (F.A.R. 91.413 only) specialists.

We can also troubleshoot and repair all pitot / static, altimeter, airspeed indicator, rate of climb indicator (VSI), and transponder related problems.

We are also available nights and weekends, as well as during normal business hours, to help fit our services into your schedule. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.
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